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Aodoor Waterproof Microfiber Glove

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Aodoor Waterproof Microfiber Glove

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Aodoor Waterproof Microfiber Glove


Product Description:

    Material: High-precision chenille fibers, corals form.

    Size: 26x19cm; Color: Blue, Green; Weight: 120g.

    Waterproof: when washing the car, the liquid and water will not wet your hand.

    Fit for cleaning car, glass, floor, kitchen, shop floor, stone, cabinets, ceramic sanitary wares, office, etc.

    Vehicle washing: After cleaning liquid water and mix with a wash mitt soaked in a mixture with the mixture fills the wash mitt to scrub the paint can also be used even after the liquid spray in the paint, and then water-soaked gloves scrub scrub, rinse with water foam, water with a towel to dry.


Product Specification:

Chenille is a microfiber fabric, a velvet effect, supple feel. Dust particles can effectively control in fiber gaps, quickly and effectively remove dirt

Material: High-precision chenille fibers, corals form

Size: 26x19cm;

Color: Blue, Green;

Weight: 120g;

Package Includes1 pcs car wash mitt


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